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This article describes the history of the Independent Subway in the days of private operation and the IND Division after Unification in 1940.

He was studying for the bar exam while employed at the BRT.

Once he was mayor, he was in a position of power to get even.

Hylan also made sure that any remaining portions of the Dual Contracts that were still not built at the time (BMT Nassau Street-Jamaica Line, the Coney Island Complex, and completion of the BMT Canarsie Line (then known as the 14th St.

Passengers would be able to ride between the ends of New York City on one fare. While much of it is frivolous, it did lay the groundwork for some of the Independent as we know it today: A West Side trunk line in Manhattan between 14th St. A 4-track subway line from Brooklyn's Borough Hall via the Lafayette Avenue subway to Bedford Avenue.

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Sometimes the intent is for the praise to be taken seriously (in which case it becomes a version of the Sharpshooter Fallacy), but the more frequent implication is that there isn't any larger category relative to which it can apply, making it a Stealth Insult (if the backhandedness of the compliment is not immediately obvious) or a form of Damned by Faint Praise (if it is).His plan included "capturing" (or taking over) nearly 100 miles of existing lines and building over 100 miles of new lines. Supposedly, there was also a plan of a line to Red Hook. A new subway line, sometimes two tracked, sometimes four tracked, from approximately the Hunters Point Ave station on today's Flushing Line in Queens, heading in a southeasterly direction to Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn. Two tracks would turn into a four-track line along Lafayette Avenue.Construction of all these new lines would be completed by December 31st, 1925. and 162nd Street, 3 tracks to Dyckman Street, and 2 tracks to the terminal. A trunk line, 4 tracks, on First Avenue from the Harlem River to 10th Street. The other two tracks would run to Flatbush & Franklin Avenues.(The line would have ended at 168th St., where the Jamaica El once terminated.) The subway would have run directly under the El along Broadway giving it direct competition for passengers, and (in Hylan's opinion) draining revenues from the BMT.Two tracks of the Lafayette Avenue subway would connect with the proposed First Avenue line.It was the last, great, major expansion of the subway to this day, and the event went relatively unnoticed by the City government.