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Namibia sexyvideo

They want us to believe that Namibian girls are angels when they aren’t.

To cut a long story short, this guy who goes by the name “Franco Franchi” aka “Fadi Hammond” is well-known for his obsession with black Namibian girls.

No, it’s the other way round, Namibian girls are well-known for their obsession with fair-skinned guys like Franco Franchi.

So Francho Franchi came to Namibia and booked a hotel in Windhoek.

All he needed to say was “I love you” on Facebook, and the Namibian groupies ate it up like hot cakes.

That’s because it’s more convenient for both parties living in Namibia, Windhoek to hook up and you don’t have to worry about traveling costs.

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This is because it’s much more convenient for people living in Namibia, Windhoek to hookup with locals, rather than have the worry of traveling costs and directions.Check out our Windhoek photo gallery page, filled with the latest naughty photos and videos of local swingers and dogging adults.It is part of our corporate mission: leave it to our concierges to take care of the details and you'll have more time to focus on the important things!Yes Namibian girl, applause, applause ,keep on sleeping until AIDs and AGE tells you it’s time up. Does it mean whoring is a part-time hobby for most Nam girls, is she the most bored creature in the world that will sleep around for entertainment? Francho Franchi even boasts on one of his websites that on his Namibian tour, he was sleeping with girls who want nothing but sex. Oho Nam girl, are you so desperate for attention or is it a case of low self esteem, that you think a cute Facebook stranger from Italy or Brazil loves you? Some apologists in defense of Namibian girls, the kind who like whitewashing a tomb that is hiding a rotten corpse, were quick to accuse the guy of taking advantage of Namibian girls.