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However, he cautions that some organizations may actually see price increases with this strategy.

We interviewed Microsoft partners and other players in the unified communications industry about the scope of Microsoft’s offering to help you decide whether or not to integrate Skype for Business with your business’s communications platform.

We also surveyed owners and managers at small businesses about how they’re currently using Skype, so you can evaluate different approaches.

The Monitoring Server collects data from the call detail recording (CDR) and Quality of Experience (Qo E) databases and presents that data with the help of the SQL Server Reporting Services and the predefined Monitoring reports.

These reports will show statistics which will assist in identifying issues such as network issues such as latency and packet loss.

Skype for Business, of course, offers many more features than we list here.

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Skype for Business, however, isn’t just a video calling solution, but a rebranding of Microsoft’s Lync client, which has been primarily used for instant messaging and , despite also offering video calling and conferencing features comparable to Skype.

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There are countless options out there for video conferencing, but one app towers above the rest in popularity: Microsoft Skype.Now, Microsoft is making an aggressive push to corner the market not just for video conferencing, but also for business phone systems.Skype for Business sports advanced functionality for the workplace such as routing of voice calls and web conferencing.Receptionists get the client record (based upon the inbound number) popup as the phone is ringing. Sales staff has the ability to log the call in CRM along with what the call was about and also set a reminder for them to catch up in a few days.Read more about implementing Microsoft Lync.​​​Nothing great is easy.However, the benefits won’t be the same for all businesses: Martin Bitzinger, general manager of enterprise at Mitel (a leading UC vendor), explains that there are cost savings possible via bundled licensing for Skype for Business in Office 365 subscriptions.