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According to the police report, Pitino told her that he had five children and she had four, and that he didn't know what he wanted to do.

A message Wednesday for Tatum at his office in the university's basketball practice facility was not immediately returned.

Steven Pence, Pitino's lawyer, told on Tuesday night that there is no reason why Pitino would take a leave of absence in light of the information from his client's police interview being made public."I can't see any reason why the coach would take a leave of absence for being victimized by a woman like this," Pence said.

But Klein said there was no indication when Willard was hired that he would take over for Pitino on an interim basis. The newspaper obtained the records under the Kentucky Open Records Act.

Pence told that Pitino's involvement in the case would be for only one day when he is called as a witness, adding that there will not be any legal burden on Pitino during the trial. The case became public in April when Pitino released a statement saying someone had tried to extort him.

Abbott asked Cunagin Sypher in the interview why she was coming forward now, only after she was charged."Because ...

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At least one coach close to Pitino told that there was no reason to believe Pitino would step away from coaching.

She gave varying answers, according to transcripts, saying she wanted to forget about it, then that Pitino threatened her and finally that "they kept throwing crumbs to keep me happy." She didn't say what they were, the newspaper reported.I've now been informed that there may be other details which, if true, I find surprising," he said in a statement. Sypher."On Wednesday, Pence said he's asked the court to expedite a trial date for sometime prior to the start of the basketball season, though he acknowledged he is at the mercy of the court system."We will have this tried in court," Pence said.If the coach wasn't forthcoming about the scandal with his employer, the consequences could be more severe than negative headlines. "We're not going to address the facts in this case until the time is right and that time right now is a pending federal trial."Pitino isn't expected to make any public statements on the matter until he is in court. Bradley often prays with the team before games and is a fixture near the Louisville bench.The date of the trial is still pending."The coach is a witness," Pence said. Pitino said he reported it to the FBI, and Sypher surrendered to authorities a few days later when she was named in a criminal complaint.At the time, several media outlets declined to air interviews with Sypher about allegations against Pitino because they were personal and unsubstantiated.They arranged to meet at the condominium of Louisville strength coach Tim Sypher, whom she did not know at that time but would later marry.