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Sales have increased 30-fold since she revealed her 'secret'.

If drinking colloidal silver was of proven benefit we'd be advocating it in the NHS.

It isn't and we don't.'Silver is contained in certain dressings, but I can find no compelling evidence that drinking it is of benefit to human health, and given the uncertainties surrounding this compound, I couldn't advise doing so.'Lucy Roberts stresses that she does not advocate swapping traditional medicine for a spoonful of silver.'We're not saying don't go to the GP.

Debbie Mc Gee buys hers for £15 a bottle from Active Silver, which was launched two years ago by former communications worker Lucy Roberts and her father Dick Goodall.

He has been involved in the water treatment industry for 40 years and has been making colloidal silver for over 20 years, including installing water purification systems into hospitals and airports using silver electrolysis technology.'We manufacture Active Silver under strict controls in our own premises in Berkshire, using the purest silver available which we buy in 1oz bars, and an advanced electrolysis technique,' explains Lucy. Each brand differs wildly, but Active Silver is made from 99.99 per cent pure silver and water that has been through a nine-stage purification system.

People want a partner who is going to support your strong belief about what’s happening with the world. think about a woman who walked in the Women’s March and her boyfriend being a Trump supporter,” she added.

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The supplement she swears by is called Active Silver and contains what's known as 'colloidal' silver — microscopic particles suspended in water, which many believe helps ward off infection, boosts the immune system and can be used to treat everything from acne to eye infections.

It's marketed as a mineral supplement to support the body's natural immune system as an effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and skin-healing solution. well, in this crazy day and age, first and foremost, someone who did not vote for Trump,” says a profile on Bumble, a dating app in which women make the first move.“His presidency has created this new deal-breaker,” said Laurie Davis Edwards, a relationship coach and founder of the website Val Edwards-Jones is emeritus professor of microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University and says it's safe to take orally in low concentrations.More than 10ppm, and it could cause a build-up in toxicity.And now, thanks to the 'Debbie effect', it's finding its way into more of our bathroom cabinets.