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Dating an architect

Then listen to the episode and do the first task to check your understanding.

Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello daizykiran, This is a very informal expression which means 'that's not acceptable' or 'that's not OK'.

if you cannot see them then check your browser or system settings as it may be that you have certain content blocked for some reason.

Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello Peter, To be frank, after listening to this episode several times, me either, I could not catach the expression meaning of "that's not on". But I can't understand "a trial basis' and 'internship'.

It's quite common in informal speech, but we would not use it in more formal contexts. Best regards, Kaofeng Hi, I am glad to know some new words this lesson.

I think that if I pay rent, that’s it, I shouldn’t have to tell him anything else. Could you help me how to understand these words and how to use it? :) Hi Wendy1988, If something is done on a trial basis then it is done for a short time to see if it is a good idea or not.

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An internship is a position in a company for someone who is still finishing their training or education.

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You can read the transcript at any stage if you want. If you can see these then click on one of them to see the relevant task. You should see four green bands below the audio player, headed Task 1, Task 2, Task 3 and Task 4.Also, most engineers are in some fashion color blind and blue is the most dominate color.It is a bonus to an engineer if you love sci-fi and get sci-fi humor.Do the vocabulary activity below before you listen.