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All these methods do not have real capacities of a humidor, so your stogies can be simply damaged by them.

This can be also referred to certain cigar clubs, restaurants.

These locations are ready to store your cigars as long as you want.

It is also possible to utilize a turned on freezer which has a lot of space and is free of other food (make sure to set the humidity to the highest level available).

Here you can arrange your items where you want and how you like them to be.

Thus, they will catch different gases produced from your cigars' maturing, like ammonia.

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After the pillow has soaked enough water, it is installed into a ziplock bag - to protect cigars from direct touch with the moisture. You can always try different periods of time saturating pillow.

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In case you wish to smoke a certain cigar from a certain store which is closed by the time you get there, you'll come to a standstill.We already know that there are different ways of storing cigars, except humidors, such as igloodors, tupperdos and fridgedors.Still these devices are not always ready at hand, that's why here we reveal one more secret about storage in homemade conditions.Only note that it is good just for short time storage.Such item as water pillow is very useful when storing cigars in a small plastic reservoir.But keep in mind that these devices are temporary, and if you want to enjoy your cigars, you will have to finally achieve a real humidor.