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John singleton dating

Jody seems to get it together by the end of the movie: he finds a way to make regular income and eventually commits to Evette, at least for the time being.

In both stories, the pain they wreak mostly has to do with the fact that they weren’t mature when they started their relationships with these women.

We can talk about why they weren’t and if they should have been but ultimately the point is that they were not. The difference in maturity between Evette and Jody is obvious from their first on-screen interaction.

I think Evette believes that it is better to have a man around even if it’s more like raising another son.

I think she feels shame that, should she walk away from the relationship, she would be left with the stigma of being a “baby mama”.

I thought of “Baby Boy” again most recently after hearing and engaging in conversations regarding Jay Z’s album.

The airing of “Baby Boy” took place in the hotel room I had been assigned to with three other girls.

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made me consider the ways that many women share the same story and why is it that we don’t break free? At 16, I had no personal dating experience and neither did any of my friends.What it takes though is a near-death experience and for his other baby mama to turn him down.In the title track of , Jay-Z attributes his apology to the birth of his children saying, “look, I apologize, often womanize/ took for my children to be born/ see through a woman’s eyes.” I noticed that neither of these man-children’s transition into adulthood had to do with the women they claimed to love.In terms of raising their son, Evette did mostly everything on her own anyway.There was no benefit, financially or emotionally, to having Jody around. She was free to do and date whoever she wanted but chose not to.As someone who didn’t have cable, I was both impressed and shocked by the graphic nature of it all. Still, it wasn’t until I had experienced some intimate relationships with men myself that I began to understand, and question, the larger themes of the movie and what we might have absorbed as young teens watching it.