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Rake db migrate not updating schema

Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. django-autocomplete-light - Fresh autocompletes for Django django-pipeline - Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django.

django-sae - for django in sae django-cached-hitcount - Basic app that allows you to track the number of hits/views for a particular object.

django-db-log - Exception Logging to a Database in Django django-inlinetrans - Is a django application that allows the translation of django templtes from the rendered html in the browser django-report-builder - Query and Report builder for Django ORM django-oscar-datacash - Datacash payment module for django-oscar django-stdimage - Django Standarized Image Field django-pragmatic - Pragmatic tools and utilities for Django projects django-timedeltafield - Timedelta Field for django models django-audiofield - Django application which allows audio file upload and conversion to mp3, wav and ogg format django-powerdns-manager - django-powerdns-manager is a web based Power DNS administration panel.

django-admin-sortable - Drag and drop sorting for models and inline models in Django admin.

django-microsip-base - Django Microsip Base django-eggplant - Django base for common use django-lfstheme - The default theme for LFS django-jinja - Jinja2 templating language integrated in Django.

betty-cropper - A django-powered image server django-tools - miscellaneous tools for django django-extensions - Extensions for Django filebrowser_safe - A snapshot of the filebrowser_3 branch of django-filebrowser, packaged as a dependency for the Mezzanine CMS for Django.

rake db migrate not updating schema-57

django-test - UNKNOWN django-coop - A basis for a cooperative organization directory, with people, organization, offers.

django-common - A number of useful django shortcuts and helpers django-nap - A light REST tool for Django django-ebaysync - UNKNOWN Django-Pizza - Yet another Django CMS.追記:2015/04/28 普通にパッケージを紹介しているサイトがありました。 Django Packages : Reusable apps, sites and tools directory _____________________________________________________________WebフレームワークであるDjangoでチュートリアルとして、ブログの作成が代表的です。しかし、一から作るのではなくpipでインストールできるので、車輪の再開発をするのは止めましょう。(そのパッケージが使えるものかはわかならいですが...) 以下、パッケージの一覧 django-swstags - UNKNOWN django-ptree - p Tree is a Django toolset that makes it easy to create and administer web-based social science experiments.django-buckeye-corpus - UNKNOWN django-facebook - Facebook open graph API client in python.django-forms-builder - A Django reusable app providing the ability for admin users to create their own forms and report on their collected data.django-bootstrap3 - Bootstrap support for Django projects django-bulbs - America's Finest Namespace django-couch-utils - Handy tools and helpers for django projects, powered by Couch DB django-plus - Django utilities library django-rblog - Yet another Django Blog App django-cities-light - Simple alternative to django-cities django-fobi - Customisable, modular user- and developer- friendly form generator/builder application for Django django-suave - Rather nice pages.Enables django applications to register users using facebook. django-libs - A collection of things that we re-use in every Django project, such as custom middlewares, testrunner, templates, templatetags, test mixins, test factories etc...