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Halston schrage james maslow dating

Efron has been linked to other girls in the past, including Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins, but Halston Sage will be the first girlfriend he's had since leaving rehab.

Whether she really is dating Zac Efron or not, we can expect to see big things from Sage in the future.

Maybe next year we'll see her at the MTV Movie Awards collecting that Trailblazer Award.

She has the latent to become one of the best actresses ever and to attain that only thing she needs to do is remain focused.

Many stars in the industry admire her acting aptitude and this is a huge complement for her.

She performed as Brianna in teen play The First Time.

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The final movie centers on a team of Boy Scouts who rise to the time as their small town is tackled with a zombie plague.

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She was troupe in the thriller/pilot by Rand Ravich, Crisis, for NBC.She has a superb 334k followers in Instagram and this shows how popular she has been in the site.She has been pretty much present in the site as well as she has previously posted in the site more than 452 times up to now.Whether the story is true or not, it's going to cause a lot of attention to fly toward Halston Sage, who was seen taking in a Lakers game with Efron earlier this month.Sage plays the role of Brooke in the upcoming raunchy comedy, a character about whom there hasn't been a lot of information or conversation.Get ready for your heart to break worse than when Zac Efron put his shirt back on at the MTV Movie Awards. Online has reported that Efron is dating his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage.