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Textbox not updating

Some information relates to pre-released product which may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. For example, the following commands can be shown when the Text Box is editable.

i enter the symbol in a combo box and my sub Get Data runs, part of which i pasted in my first post. everything works great apart from the text boxes only updating manually. It would work brilliantly if the data populating the Text Box were coming from a single cell, but it's not, unfortunately. If so, then in your combobox_change procedure, you would add code to lookup the correct cell, then set textbox controlsource equal to that cell. That little code snippet I put in the original post is taken from that. You responded to a post I put up in September when i was just starting this project.

The value of the Text Box "Parity Bid1" for example is dependent on the stock symbol currently displayed. Works great, puts the appropriate data in the box, but only updates when the sub runs, not dynamically like the cell. The actual spreadsheet is updated with live data coming in from a DDE link from Bloomberg.

It’s common to use a Text Box to accept data input on a form, and use the Text property to get the complete text string from the Text Box. This tells the system to show the number keypad layout, which makes it easier for the user to enter the PIN.

You typically use an event like a submit button Click to access the Text property, but you can handle the Text Changed or Text Changing event if you need to do something when the text changes. Other properties that affect the touch keyboard are Is Spell Check Enabled, Is Text Prediction Enabled, and Prevent Keyboard Display On Programmatic Focus.

The cells update dynamically with the market price.

Hi Guys, I've got the text box drawn directly on my spredsheet (so not User Form) where i want to display files created (kind of progress indicator).

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Value = Format Number(Cells(r, 10), 0) Again, it pulls the data fine, it just doesn't update. the textboxes update on any event already, so unfortunately i don't think that one would fix my problem, or am i mistaken about how Repaint works?It's typically used to capture a single line of text, but can be configured to capture multiple lines of text. Use the Selection Start and Selection Length properties, and the Select and Select All methods, to manipulate the text selection.The text displays on the screen in a simple uniform plaintext format. Handle the Selection Changed event to do something when the user selects or de-selects text.You can add a Header (or label) and Placeholder Text (or watermark) to the Text Box to give the user an indication of what the Text Box is for. (Is Spell Check Enabled also affects the Text Box when a hardware keyboard is used.) For more info and examples, see Use input scope to change the touch keyboard, and the property documentation.To customize the look of the header, you can set the Header Template property instead of Header. You can restrict the number of characters the user can type by setting the Max Length property. You can modify the default Style and Control Template to give the control a unique appearance.To do that we will add the gridview inside an Updater Panel and set the Button to do Asynchronous Trigger to the Updater Panel.