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One man tried to cut off Clyde's finger with a pocket knife; another attempted to cut off his left ear. Wade arrived, he recalled: 'Nearly everyone had begun collecting souvenirs, such as shell casings and slivers of glass from the shattered car windows.' Wade asked Hamer to control the crowd, and ensure that the car - complete with the bodies - was taken intact to the local town of Arcadia. After the four-door saloon had been towed back to the Conger Furniture Store and Funeral Parlour in Arcadia, and the bodies laid out for examination, the coroner allowed sightseers to view the remains.

On the day of their demise, Clyde Barrow, who was just 25, was driving along in his socks, while Bonnie was eating a sandwich in the passenger seat.

Near Gibsland, they stopped to greet the father of one of their gang members - but it was a trap.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow met in Texas in 1930 and are believed to have committed 13 murders and several robberies and burglaries by the time they died.

The duo became infamous as they traveled across America's Midwest and South, holding up banks and stores with other gang members.

And a never-before-developed photograph has emerged showing them kissing in Missouri shortly before they were brutally gunned down in an ambush.

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Clyde died instantly - the first shot took off the top of his head.

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Thomas, a creative director, said: Thomas said: 'I see them as historical photographs, I am their owner and custodian, they are an important part of American, Texas and local Dallas history.'My favourite photograph is the two of them embracing, which they had taken while they were in Joplin, Missouri,'Shortly after they were discovered in the area, so had to escape pretty quickly - there was film that had been unprocessed, I believe this was one of the photos from then.'The other photos show Clyde's arrest warrant, his record, another shows the officers and individuals that ambushed them in Louisiana and I have a couple of the car that they were driving.'As they were dragged into the city towed by a car, people were cutting off their hair and clothes, one guy was trying to cut off Clyde's ear, another tried to cut off his finger.'I have one image that shows some of their clothing and when they were killed as well as other pictures of them lying on the gurney table.'Bonnie and Clyde were both buried here, Bonnie had 20,000 people show up to her funeral which is pretty amazing for back then it's the equivalent of a celebrity.'I have five of the photos up in my house, not the gruesome ones but the images that are more the iconic moments that show their life.'It wasn't long after loved-up pair met in 1930 that Clyde was imprisoned for Grand Theft Auto and lovesick Bonnie helped him to escape from prison by smuggling him a gun.Immortalised in Arthur Penn's classic 1967 film, in which they were played by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, the pair the American press called 'Romeo & Juliet In A Getaway Car' earned themselves a place in the criminal hall of fame - joining infamous mobsters such as Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson.But the true story of Bonnie and Clyde is very different from the Hollywood fantasy.'I hate to bust the cap on a woman, especially when she was sitting down,' the laconic Hamer said afterwards.'But if it wouldn't have been her, it would have been us.' Their bodies were riddled with 50 bullets each, even though Bonnie Parker had never been charged with a capital offence.The pair had become notorious after two years on the run and the crime scene quickly descended into a bizarre circus.