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Dating taking back an ex boyfriend

It’s so easy to keep the other person close by “just in case” things don’t work out but either you’re all in or you’re not.

Now you’re wondering to yourself, was it really that bad when you were together?

Now that he wants to try again, how do you know whether you should run or stay?

Only share the possibility of your getting back together with a very small group of people who you love you (and even him too) whose only objective is to see you happy.

Whether it’s a friend who has the ability to be objective, a Pastor, mentor, or couple you admire, make time to share with them the pros and cons of getting back together and listen to their opinion with an open mind. – Depending on the amount of time that’s passed, you two have most likely evolved since you were last together.

But the goal is to save yourself the heartache again early on if you still can’t see eye to eye and if it’s determined that you can, you’ll have a solid plan that’s acceptable to both of you on how best to move forward.

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Chances are, if it bothered him before, it will bother him even more again because now you both risk that age-old saying coming back, “That’s what I didn’t like about you before!”Are you both totally single now or is there someone else to be concerned with?

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Make a list and be honest with yourself on where you stand now that some time has passed.This can be difficult if you’ve bashed each other and shared all the dirty laundry from the past.But ask for their support and even when someone decides to bring up negative incidents or arguments, politely let them know you’re starting over and don’t condone it whether you’re in his presence or not.Are you being fully transparent with him and vice versa?– Communication is so key to making a relationship not only survive but thrive.Not only confirm it verbally but obtain some kind of proof (or be prepared to show some if it’s you) that all parties are well aware of your presence and it’s absolutely over between them.