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We know that public nudity is not in India and its a very rare occasion if you get chance to watch indian girls nude in public.

I recently went on a ski trip with a large group from a friends residence at school.

We went for the weekend, 2 nights, and stayed in a resort by the hill. But that's not the only thing I do naked in fact most of the things I do at home are naked. One time when my wife and I were still dating she was house sitting her aunt house and they had a hot tub off of the master bedroom.

It was very elaborate with built in lights and music. The owners wife loved to tease me and try to get me hard. One time I was staying at my parents when I turned 19 infact and when they went out I took a dip in the hot tub with no suit or even a towel, i would have been screwed if they came back.

Then I wandered their garden naked hoping their neighbours could see me through their windows...

This kerala house wife is taking bath without any hesitation near a public well.

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I convinced my wife to get in naked instead of getting in and then taking her clothes off.I told her I would give her a full body massage, I can't wait.

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I asked back what her other friends do she said some tub naked and some don't, I kinda excited, I'm planning getting in...Last fall I was staying at a Hotel in Portland, OR, and woke up early, maybe 4 AM.Nobody will be around the pool at this hour I thought so I put on some shorts and a T and...A couple of years ago, one of my friends' aunts left for a job in Europe.Not wanting to sell her house, she let my friend live in it.Mallu aunty in Kerala is bathing without any cloths in public place.