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He's obviously a genius even among salarians, so his education may have been more rapid than normal (the salarian Doogie Howser), but even he had to have gone through at least a few years of study to know so much in so many fields, so call it 3 years of "graduate study" after whatever standard education salarians go through.

(Or rather, he is, but the timing of his getting tenure is unrelated.) Unless the Salarian academic world is radically different from our own, this likely means that Salarians come of age MUCH younger than my previous estimate.

Given the time it would take for a Salarian to go to college, probably grad school as well, then serve as a professor before achieving tenure, that means Salarians probably come of age more in the 7-9 year range. Numbers might be different, since humans live longer and mature later/earlier in the ME universe.

Allow that amount of space minimum for the existing builds at spawn. Spawn builds showing no activity for 20 days will be considered abandoned and will be destroyed by staff with NO advance notice even if player is active.

If you need more space, get permission from a staff member. BUILDING IN THE WORLD: You are welcome to go out in the world and build your base.

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If you are in doubt or need more space, contact a staff member. You may use something as simple as a one-block high wall as a border around your property.Post signs with your name, the name of your base, the date you claimed the land, etc. NETHER PORTAL: All portals generated in the nether are to be at 115 on the y-axis.

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Look at them comforting Sungjong when he's crying.. Allow yourself and other bases 500-1000 block radius.Thoroughly scout the area, including caves for the underground dwellers.Again, just an educated guess, but with more data from the canon comes a more reliable estimate. Given the age of puberty is around 13ish years and the average life expectancy of human is what? Hope you have fun :) IF YOU WANT TO SPOIL ME SEND GIFT CARDS TO [email protected]//all items done in British pound // Pay.-.His military career (that quote again) seems to have gone on for long enough that he's seen plenty of combat despite living in a generally peaceful era, so call it 4-5 years of service.