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They are recorded at Hatfield Manor, near Doncaster, from around the beginning of the 14Quite probably – and we do have serious, sensible academic evidence for making this suggestion – the Wormleys may well be direct descendants, down a single, male line, of Rollo the Viking, the founder of Normandy at the beginning of the 10 Gilbert was killed while personally defending the young Duke William (later to become William the Conquerer) in 1040.

We discuss their origins and possible ancestors in our chapters entitled “Before the Norman Conquest of England we were Crispins,” and “The Origins of the Crispins.” , son of William de Whatton, took his mother’s family ‘surname’ and inherited land from his uncle William de Newmarch. He also had a brother called William de Newmarch and other brothers Robert and Walter de Whatton. Adam had a brother called Henry de Newmarch who married his second wife, Frethsenta Paynel, in 1218.

Henry and Adam both went on King John’s expedition to quell Ireland in 1210.

One seriously-academic hypothesis is that he might have been an illegitimate son or cousin of Gilbert Count of Brionne, who was a grandson of Duke Richard I known as “The Fearless”.

We discuss the possibilities in depth in our chapter entitled “The Origins of the Crispin Family”.

Please also understand, though, that we cannot do any research for you or give guidance on how to trace your family tree.

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He was married to , who was a younger son of Gilbert Crispin II and came to England from Armentières-sur-Avre, near Verneuil, in Normandy.The Dives and Falaise versions of the Battle Abbey Roll claim that he fought at the Battle of Hastings with his father, but this is unlikely as he was probably still a child.

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There was nothing strange about this fluidity in that period, when surnames were being invented and first coming into use.However, this list is a hypothesis and cannot be proved as certain historical fact.Therefore, we can only start the Wormley pedigree with full confidence with Gilbert Crispin I, who was very likely a grandson or great grandson of Duke Richard I.//j Query(window).load(function(){ j Query(document).ready(function(){ j Query("#elm-search-form-4-main")Class('load-finished'); var select2Settings = ; j Query('#elm-search-form-4').find('select').select2(select2Settings).on("select2-close", function() ); j Query('#elm-search-form-4').find('select').select2(select2Settings).on("select2-loaded", function() ); if(is Mobile()) else j Query('#elm-search-form-4').find('.radius').hover(function(),function()); j Query('#elm-search-form-4').find('.category-clear').click(function()); j Query('#elm-search-form-4').find('.location-clear').click(function()); /* RADIUS SCRIPT */ var lat, lon, tmp = []; //.replace ( "?", "" ) // this is better, there might be a question mark inside .substr(1) .split("&") Each(function (item) ); var coordinates Set = false; if(typeof lat ! Our ancestors lived for about 150 years at Womersley, a village between Doncaster and Pontefract, from which the Wormley surname evolved.