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Dating business startup

It launched in 2014 as a thinly-disguised version of Linked In, allowing users to add second-tier contacts—friends of friends—to their business circles. So he went back to the drawing board and came up with an idea that modeled his first success: the dating app.

Dating apps work because we are desperate for success in our romantic lives—and just one good match can lead to a lifetime of happiness. What if you were a coder who met Mark Zuckerberg in 2005?

Or a writer who met a rising star editor just before she took over Vanity Fair?

For example, the dating app Bumble has been developing its own swipe-based business networking app, Bumble Bizz, which debuts in early October.

(It aims to allow women to network, more pointedly, with contacts that might be otherwise difficult to interact with.

But it’s hard to get the kind of contacts that wield real power to join a networking site.

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Careers have been built on these precipitous connections.

Because there is nothing as valuable as meeting the right person at exactly the right time.Ultimately, Humin’s team decided the task wasn’t worth pursuing, and Tinder didn’t expand to professional networking.“My favorite quote—this is one of the things I said to the team—is a Jeff Bezos line: ‘Everyone is wondering what’s going to change over the next five years,’” says Jain.“What they don’t ask me is what’s not going to change.“You don’t typically walk up to people on the street and say, ‘Hey, tell me about your job. They are looking for a job, or good coverage for their startup, or an introduction to an investor.Given the opportunity, everyone will hound the prosperous CEO; no one wants to talk to the struggling founder.“Say hello now..later on Shapr.” (Considering how much of a faux pas it is to chat up strangers on the train, of course you’ll say hi later, on Shapr.)The brainchild of Ludovic Huraux, a French entrepreneur best known for building a popular French dating site, Attractive World, Shapr is an app that helps you meet new professional connections.