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Robert and Kathy Adams, Norfolk$500: Anonymous, Norfolk$500: Doug and Twylia Speidel, Norfolk$400: Allied Tours, Norfolk$300: Donald and Karen Indra, Norfolk$300: Dean and Delphia Mc Connell, Norfolk$250: In thanksgiving for all of God's blessings, Linda and Mike Hammond, Norfolk$250: Lois Walmsley, Norfolk$200: In loving memory of my mother and sister, from Deanna Eden, Norfolk$200: In loving memory of our fathers, David Peters and Ronald Larson from Dwain and Brenda Larson, Norfolk$200: A special gift for Good Neighbors from the Smalley Family, Norfolk$200: Thermal Design, Madison — Pantry$200: Grace Lutheran Church, Koinonia, Norfolk$200: Orlin and Carol Olson, Norfolk$200: In memory of Larry and Mike, from Margaret Arter, Norfolk$165: Peace Dorcas Society, Peace Church, Norfolk$160: John Highbaugh and Bob Durand, from Associated Wholesale Grocers Team$150: In loving memory of our parents, from Jim and Libby Lafleur, Norfolk$117.77: Sehi and Associates P. Employee Perk Funds, Norfolk$100: Keep up your good works, from Tom and Mary Trenhaile, Bloomfield$100: Donna Rector, Norfolk$100: In memory of our parents, sister and brother, Thank you Bill and Bev Lauver, Battle Creek$100: H. John’s Lutheran Church, Norfolk — Pantry$25: Carole Kimmel — Pantry$25: Nancy Benton, Norfolk$25: Wilma Benish Estate from Yuvonne Collison, Norfolk$20: In loving memory of my brother, Virgil Marik and husband John Dufek, from Doris Dufek, Norfolk$10: In memory of my parents, Harold and Clara Peschel and grandson, Tyler Pendergast from Florence Lavender, Norfolk Dec.

and Delmer Greeno, from Gene and Theresa Korth, Randolph$300: Delayne and Betty Deitloff, Norfolk$200: Bob and Sheri Mickelson, Norfolk$100: Anonymous, Hoskins$100: In loving memory of Deb Cover, from Jerry and sons Chris, Brett and Matt$100: In memory of Fran, from Russell Schweers, Wisner$100: In memory of Hilary Pile, from Mark and Kathy Hall, Norfolk$100: In loving memory of Evelyn Mihulka, from her husband, Vern Mihulka, Norfolk, and her children, Dave, Deb, Dawne and Doug$100: Anonymous, Albion$50: In loving memory of our cherished friend, Valerie Voigt, from Ed and Marlene$50: In memory of Ray and Rick, from Karen Matteo, Norfolk$50: In loving memory of James Chilcott, from Dona Chilcott, Wisner$45: Gift from the Friendly Neighbors Club, Wausa$30: For Kevin Meyer, from the Kennedy Family$25: May the spirit of the holidays bring you peace throughout the year, Anonymous, Norfolk$20: In memory of Sharon Grunke from Larry Dec. Paul Mc Intosh, from Eleanor Mc Intosh, Norfolk$500: Farm Credit Services of America prize winner, Pat Zach, Norfolk$200: In memory of our loved ones!

16$500: In loving memory of our daughter, Jenna Marie Krivohlavek, from Brad and Brenda Krivohlavek, Norfolk$300: In memory of Mary Ann and Jean Ann Tejkl, from Harley Tejkl, Stanton$275: Christ Lutheran Church Ladies Circle, Norfolk$200: In thanksgiving for our many blessings, anonymous$100: In memory of our dear friend, Mary Ellen Kincanon, from anonymous$100: In loving memory of my husband, Harry, and my parents, Jean "Mogan" Sisson, Morse Johnson and C. Sisson, from Sara Ahlmann, Norfolk$100: Anonymous, Verdigre$100: In loving memory of Louise (Lucy) Rader, from Richard Rader$100: In memory of those we've loved and lost, from Carolyn Wilcox, Norfolk$100: In loving memory of Sherry$50: In memory of Greg Hunke, Arlene Means and Malga Hunke, from Mel and Carolyn Hunke, Lenexa, Kan.$50: In memory of my husband, Gene Hart, from Irene Hart and family, Norfolk$50: In loving memory of Dean Cyboron, from Steve and Mary Lund, Norfolk$30: In loving memory of our grandmother, Phyllis Lanphear, from Damian Prusa, Lacey Prusa, Jon, Tessa and Conrad Lucchesi$25: Happy birthday, Ed! Marcus and Jean Wacker, Norfolk$200: Anonymous, Osmond$175: Leroy and Mary Norton, Norfolk$150: In memory of Jeff Raasch, from his family, Norfolk$150: In loving memory of my husband, Art A. Evelyn Indra$125: Kimble Antique Autos, Norfolk$100: Clarence and Lorraine Kramer, Norfolk$100: In memory of our loving parents, may God bless them forever.

6$100: In memory of Wendell, Shirley, Richard and Alvin Jan.

5$1,250: Anonymous, Norfolk$500: In memory of Makayla Meyer, Anonymous, Norfol$200: Todd and Peggy Ridder, Norfolk$100: Robert and Edith Feddern, Norfolk$40: For life's blessings from Anonymous, Norfolk$25: Robert and Reyne Viergutz, Norfolk Jan.

Patras and Delores Hankla, from Steven and Linda Hankla, Clearwater$50: In memory of Dennis' parents and Linda's dad, from Dennis and Linda Miller, Norfolk$50: Kevin and Jo, Norfolk$25: In memory of loved ones, Chuck, Bob and Pat, from Skeet, Norfolk$25: Anonymous, Norfolk$20: Joyce Coleman, Norfolk Dec. (Junior) Nathan from his family$100: In memory of our parents from Ron and Dottie Mc Keever, Norfolk$100: In loving memory of our parents, Paul and Leona Renner and Lloyd and Betty Buckland, from Paul and Patricia Renner$100: In loving memory of Phil and Florence, Marlene, Tom and Barb, and Ian, from the Quady’s$50: Happy holidays in memory of loved ones, Tom and Lois Hall$40: Kirk, Carol and Michelle Griffith, Norfolk$35: In memory of David Munter and Don Munter, from parents. 26$1,000: Olson's Pest Technicians$1,000: Elkhorn Valley Bank Employees$1,000: Anonymous, Brunswick$500: To help alleviate hunger in Norfolk - Pantry - from Renee Halsey$404: Anonymous, Norfolk$250: In loving memory of Leon and Doris Dinkel from John and Cindy Dinkel, Norfolk$250: First Congregational UCC, Norfolk$238: In memory of Nancy Jane Drevo and those we have lost in the past, from the Norfolk Public Library Staff$200: Donna James, Norfolk$150: In loving memory of Darrel and Elva Matchett, Darlon Cook and Bob Cook from Larry, Barb, Ashley and Jordan Oetken$150: In loving memory of Arthur and Mildred Oetken from Larry, Barb, Ashley and Jordan Oetken$100: Bernard and Carol Craven, Norfolk$100: Laura Nel Carlisle, Norfolk$100: In thanksgiving for all caring medical staff, Anonymous$100: David and Sharon Peterson, Norfolk$75: Merry Christmas!

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Doug White, from Stan and Imogene Baier and family, Wayne$100: In loving memory of my parents, Bill and Helen Wohlfeil, and my brother, Gary Wohlfeil, from Geraldine Benton$65: Anonymous$52: In memory of daughter Peggy Juracek and friend Florence Leland, from Garnett Juracek, Norfolk$50: In loving memory of Elsie Vollbrecht, Delbert Noelle and Ed Daum, from Andy and Christi Noelle, Norfolk$50: In loving memory of my husband, Robert, from Myra Langhorst and family, Howells$50: In memory of Lance Carlson$25: Brett Reestman, Norfolk $25: Anonymous, Norfolk Dec.

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29$500: In honor of my parents, Dale and La Vonne Schellpeper, Stanton, from Val and Boyd Ebberson, Coleridge$500: In appreciation to the awesome staff at Norfolk Oncology. Anonymous, Norfolk$100: Daniel Melkus, Norfolk$100: James and Jeri Egley, Norfolk$100: Dennis and Diane Sanne, Clearwater$100: In memory of our parents, Art and Margaret Kuester and Albert and Marie Ahlers; John, Jim and Michael Kuester; and Jeanne West, from Melvin and Kate Ahlers, Clearwater $100: In memory of Earl Snider and John and Betty Thiele, from Fred and Deb Thiele, Clearwater$100: Anonymous, Norfolk$50: In loving memory of grandson Kellan, from Todd and Barb Papstein, Norfolk$50: In memory of Walter H. Thank you for all that you do, your staff at Norfolk Medical Group — Heartland Pediatrics$250: In loving memory of my husband, Tim, from Connie Knuth, Brunswick$100: In loving memory of our parents, Doug and La Vina Trowbridge, and our son, Ben Sunderman, from Mike and Cathy Sunderman$100: Happy Holidays from Pam and Larry, Norfolk$100: In loving memory of Alfred D.Therefore, in all things He had to be made like His brethren, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in the things pertaining to God, in order to make propitiation for the sins of the people.*Easy English* The Devil (God’s enemy) tried to make Jesus himself do wrong things.But Jesus did not do anything wrong because he never stopped obeying God. Steve Lund, chairman of the Good Neighbors advisory board.“Each year we ask the citizens of Norfolk and the surrounding communities to help meet our goal so that we can continue to help those in need.We are so grateful to have both the food pantry and Good Neighbors in the same building.22$2,000: Gift from Doyle Busskohl$500: In honor of our military past and present from, Dr.