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In a bizarre twist, Tyga for some time dated Rob's now 20-year-old half-sister Kylie Jenner, who is rumored to be pregnant by her own current beau Travis Scott.

The show's entire content 'violates ethical and professional criteria,' he said...Jayne Sinclair, 40, says an hour-long visit with Laura Plummer in Al-Qanatir, an all-female prison on the outskirts of Cairo, still proved positive - despite not getting released early with a presidential pardon.

Laura Plummer, from Hull, East Yorkshire, is on the brink of flying home after being released in an 'act of mercy' but detectives warn their inquiries into who gave her the illegal drugs are 'still active'.

I very much enjoy exploring different aspects of sexuality and I'm so happy to help fulfill fantasies.

I love being able to talk someone to completion, waiting on the edge of desire, until they're ready to unravel.

There is a rumor out there now that Chyna is being courted for the inaugural season of an American edition of Celebrity Big Brother, per Us Weekly.

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The doting 29-year-old mother posted videos to her Snapchat Story that day of her two children, five-year-old son King Cairo and infant daughter Dream - as the video vixen's very explicit lyrics were revealed.Dream, who is five days away from her first birthday, can be see in one video beaming as she walked toward her filming mother.

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With mountains of rubbish towering over children and endless bin bags bulging from high-rise flats, these are the shocking images that show Cairo's 'Garbage City' - where thousands of Egyptians live amongst piles of stinking rubbish.'But the people there are happy.Both sexes are usually enslaved and may have to work on marijuana plantations in the depths of the desert.They also face the terrible prospect of having their organs harvested.This July saw their latest and most dramatic breakup, with Rob posting explicit photos of Chyna to Instagram during a rant that got his account removed. The mother of Rob's child gave a press conference featuring Lisa, who has also co-starred in a press conference with Kathy Griffin, as well as one with Quantasia Sharpton, who claimed Usher exposed her to herpes.In short order, Chyna lawyered up with Gloria Allred's daughter Lisa Bloom and won a restraining order against her rotund used-to-be. Though Chyna has accused Rob of abuse, TMZ reported last month that she let that allegation drop as part of a deal that got her $20,000 in child support a month.Meanwhile, Rob chose for his attorney Robert Shapiro - who with Rob's father had been a member of O. A day after reporting that child support figure, TMZ revealed Chyna was still gunning for a payout of at least $1 million by way of the revenge porn case.