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The feud begins when her son, Todd, moves in with Gail's daughter, Sarah (Tina O'Brien) as Eileen feels that Sarah, a single mother, is holding Todd back.

He admits that he called them but he is fond of baby Holly.

However, Eileen is shocked on 9 April 2007 when Holly's mother returns as she has realized that Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward), is Holly's father, after seeing his picture in the paper during Tracy Barlow's (Kate Ford) trial.

He is known for his betting and drinking and this causes a row when they met.

In February 2009, Eileen is stunned to discover that an old school friend of hers, Paula Carp (Sharon Duce), left school early after falling pregnant at 14.

This seems to be proved when Sarah gets pregnant but the baby, a boy Todd named Billy, died shortly after being born prematurely following a placental abruption.

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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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She rents Steve's house and moves in with her sons, Jason (Ryan Thomas) and Todd (Bruno Langley).She tells Eileen that he introduced himself as Jason Grimshaw and asks Eileen to give Holly back but Eileen refuses and throws her out, threatening to call the police.Knowing that Eileen has no legal claim to her daughter, she calls Children's Services and they tell Eileen that they will be coming to collect Holly so Eileen decides to run away with her.Her storylines have often included her relationships with Dennis Stringer (Charles Dale), Ed Jackson (Chris Walker), Pat Stanaway (Sean Hughes), Jerry Morton (Michael Starke), Jesse Chadwick (John Thomson), Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst), Adrian Mortimer (Mark Moraghan), Michael Rodwell (Les Dennis) and Pat Phelan (Connor Mc Intyre).The character also appeared in the mini-episode crossover between Coronation Street and rival soap East Enders entitled East Street screened on 19 November 2010 in aid of children's charity Children In Need.The pair constantly spar whenever they cross paths.