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If someone touches her inappropriately she is tell me and we will go together to the proper person to report the incident immediately. We where in Niagara Falls this past weekend and something didn’t “feel right” on our floor.

We turned a trip to Louisville, Kentucky into a fabulous Father’s Day weekend.

Louisville wasn’t on our radar so we would not have gone there without the feis and we are looking to returning some day.

This year my daughter missed qualifying for solos by one dance but was on a ceili team so we were only there for about 24 hours.

In that time we managed to see several friends and got to “catch up”. As parents we get satisfaction out of watching our children dance and interact with their friends and share in their victories. We feis because of the friends we’ve made at our school and those we’ve met along the way.

Needless to say the feis was delayed by a half an hour with anthems beginning at am when the feis scheduled at am. We got a spot with other families that was comfortable at first but soon discovered we were directly where results were to be posted.

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Instead of leaving my daughter in our room while I ventured out for ice I made her come with me.I’m not sure why, I just felt it was important that we stick together.

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Results were posted in a timely fashion but you had to buy judges comments for a dollar after your competitions were finished and results posted. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked away from our camp site leaving my purse behind without even thinking about it.Most of the conversations were light and positive however, there were a few times when the phrase “Why do we do this? I’ve been there myself and on a long drive home I came up with my top 5 answers to the question: Why do we feis? We feis because our children are Irish dancers who want to compete and succeed in their chosen sport. We feis to support our kids – act as their cheerleaders and crying towels. No one understands what feising is all about better than another feis parent and if you’re a social media butterfly it’s fun to cheer your friends on vicariously when your family isn’t at a feis.5 We feis because the competition can lead us to places we wouldn’t otherwise travel.The parking lots were small and parking was at a premium.Luckily we snagged a spot and proceeded to the feis which was a bit of a walk. The feis was in one building and registration in another which shouldn’t have been a problem because the buildings were close.Observe the people and atmosphere – if something doesn’t feel right or look out-of-place listen to your gut and move away from the situation and tell someone in charge – like a “Feis Boss”.