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Catholic dating in chicago

You can skim the top and experience only the basics of Christianity, but there is so much more than the Church offers to deepen your relationship with Jesus.” And thus began my journey into discovering the draw and allure of the Catholic Church.

Think about it: the God of the universe became a human, died for a bunch of sinners, and then continues to sacrifice himself each mass so that we may have abundant life in this age and in heaven.

The most amazing miracle of eternity is performed at each mass!

I will admit I have had doubts about the “real presence” of Jesus in the Eucharist because of the craziness of the concept, but the evidence is too hard to deny.

And how much more crazy is this than the fact that God is three-in-one or that he became a crying innocent baby?

But like the fisherman-turned-apostle Simon Peter, who was hesitant to obey the call of Jesus after catching nothing all night and yet allowed himself to be led into the depths where Jesus would touch his life like he never thought possible, I too followed the draw of God’s voice, “left everything and followed Him” (Luke 5). One of the first things that allured me was the epic nature of the Church. The universality of Catholic mass: it features the same words and actions that have been spoken by Christians for 2,000 years!

It makes so much sense- if Jesus wanted to grow and maintain the faith of his followers, wouldn’t he want to leave a church on earth until he returned?

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The average church-goer may complain that Catholics are too stoic, serious, quiet, or lacking joy, but when the God of eternity is present, I am inclined to shut my mouth and listen.Truth doesn’t change (no Magisterial teachings have been contradicted or repealed throughout history), and how can we know what truth is if we don’t have a Holy Spirit-led Church to guide us into the fullness of truth and reveal God’s love throughout the ages?When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.” John -13 Another aspect of the Church that allured me early on and continues to draw me in is its unapologetically high standards when it comes to spirituality, art, morality, language, and social ethics.The Church’s emphasis on the mystery of God, his presence among us, and how that should give us repose in our spiritual lives is another aspect that draws me to be Catholic.We can never hope to fully understand God in all of his glory, but the Catholic Church gives us the ability to at least dwell on the mystery of God and allow ourselves to be allured by his love. Spend an hour in silent adoration of the Eucharist and tell me you don’t feel more peaceful, loved, inspired, and blessed.“The Catholic Church is a treasure chest of spiritual resources.