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Updating resume for nurse practitioner

Working with specified treatment objectives, students learn to combine art therapy theory and practice with psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic technique.

The Art Therapy and Counseling program's 90-quarter-credit curriculum is designed to meet the Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) educational requirements.

Be advised, however, that licensure requirements vary widely from state to state, and may change at any time.

Deadline: Priority deadline: completed applications due December 15.

Regular deadline: completed applications due January 15.

Due to the number of applications received, we are not able to schedule an interview with every applicant. Include relevant education, work and service/volunteer experience. The coursework consists of both Art Therapy-specific and general mental health counseling coursework.

Failure to fully satisfy these requirements as directed upon enrollment may prevent assignment to a clinical site for training.

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Together, these interactive components provide a foundation for the development of an understanding of the complex interaction that occurs in the art therapy process between the therapist, the patient/client, and the art process.They can work with individuals and/or groups using the theoretical and clinical education they have received.This integrated approach provides a comprehensive foundation for sound clinical work with many different clinical and culturally diverse populations.For more information on the clinical education component of the Art Therapy program, click on the "Clinical Practices" tab above. Second-or third-year students conduct a Culminating Project that integrates practice with theory and/or research.Under the guidance of their Culminating Project advisor, students design a project that explores aspects of both their respective Creative Arts Therapies discipline and counseling.The Art Therapy and Counseling graduate program equips students with the skills and knowledge to apply the theory of art therapy in various treatment situations.