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We ask Suttida if maybe she could explain or account for the difference in the two fates of the two Thai women.

Praewa gave birth in May to a baby boy and has already found work to help support her son.

Her sister also helps us to understand what exactly happened to her in the in the two and a half years she spent living in Australia.

Both Thai women were of a similar age Suttida was twenty nine years of age and her friend Praewa was twenty seven. Suttida worked in a travel agency in Bangkok, Praewa also worked in Thailand's capital city but as a beer girl at a bar in Sukhumvit.

Praewa was not a sex worker and took three jobs in Bangkok to send money home to her family in Nong Khai.

Even though she was in an advanced state of pregnancy, she simply wanted to get home to Thailand and have her baby at home.

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There have been some notable reports of Thai women living with marriage partners and deserting then having obtained residency.

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Her life is a success like many other Thai wives who have made the dream come true in Australia. She now lives in Buriram province with her sister as she could not face returning home to her parents in Nong Khai.She tells her story to our translators in time with the assistance of her sister.She has not heard from her Australian husband and is still officially married to him in Australia.She also describes her sense of uneasiness about living in Perth and in particular what she describes as regular outbursts of violence and intimidatory behaviour near her home in the area of the city that she lived in.Praewa lived in the Locksbridge area of Perth and tells us that her plight was so pitiful that she could not even get access to a mobile phone and lacked the language skills to set about making friends.Her story is a striking contrast to that of her fellow Thai woman Suttida who has made a success of her life in Perth and now has two children in the same time frame.