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According to a statement, C&A will help De Rosa bring the Socialmatic to market by early 2014.

For tech geeks, the thing has the ironic allure of an instant collectible, with a name that already sounds dated.

In mid-2014 Facebook rolled out the Facebook Messenger app, a standalone version of that social network’s instant chat feature which users accessed separately on their mobile devices (i.e., without launching the full Facebook app).

When asked if the deal had affected the design, he answered a cryptic, “Could be.

It depends on some technical situations.” One of those technical situations could be the Zero Ink printing technology, which would drive the cost up.

As with Messenger, the Kardashian game may have a valid reason to know when you get phone calls.

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Facebook says it doesn’t get to write its own, and instead must use generic language provided to them by Android.The language in the permissions “doesn’t necessarily reflect the way the Messenger app and other apps use them,” Facebook wrote in a Help Center article designed to address what it calls misinformation on the topic.

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Despite being deeply embedded in Instagram culture, Socialmatic has no affiliation with the social photo app.If you’re one of those 1,000,000,000 people who have downloaded this app, take a moment to read the following.I’ve posted, word for word, a few of the most aggressive app permission you’ve accepted.Doubly so when you add a Polaroid endorsement into the mix–the value of those two brand associations alone are transforming Socialmatic into a legitimate product.De Rosa was hesitant to comment on what’s changed since he struck his deal with C&A.This week, De Rosa announced a partnership with one C&A Licensing LLC, a company that licenses the Polaroid brand.