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Romantic ideas and dating tips

Being good with children—like our favorite prince here—shows that you’re capable of caring for something other than yourself.

When you’re rolling solo, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just introducing yourself to a beautiful woman with confidence and taking it from there. After Nonoo introduced the two, Prince Harry kept a respectful distance and charmed Markle over text.

But having a friend say, “Hey, this guy’s all right,” in a social setting can remove the stress and mutual suspicion that can go hand-in-hand with introductions. We don’t know for certain, but we’re willing to bet he sent a grand total of zero inappropriate photos. For normal people, the Natural History Museum’s doors close just before p.m.

Prince Harry obviously outdid everyone on this front, by embarking on an at-times dangerous mission to save endangered elephants. But in a pinch, a cute puppy or kitten will absolutely do the trick.

If you need tips on how to pick out the perfect pup, be sure to read our guide on the topic, penned by the Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer himself.

No matter what your date vibe is, this list of date ideas in Atlanta has something for everyone from strolling through the cemetery to shopping at Dior.

The woodland gardens below are home to various lighting events as well. With items like steak, chicken, lamb and pork along with a gourmet salad bar, there’s something for every taste. I’ll be adding more and more to the list as I continue to explore this incredible city which I now call home.

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Eagle-eyed observers figured out the couple is a couple by spotting Markle wearing a necklace engraved with an “H” and an “M.” And while we’re sure Markle has nothing against the global fast-fashion retailer, it makes far more sense that those inscriptions are for “Harry” and “Meghan.” It’s a helpful reminder that grand, if subtle, gestures go a long way.And if she’s even considering children for her future, you’ve just proven that, at the very least, you’re open to the possibility.This is an obvious one, fellas, and we shouldn’t even need to remind you.It’s home to the Kendeda Canopy Walk, a 600-foot-long (180 m) skywalk that leads visitors to through one of the city’s last remaining urban forests from around 40 feet in the air in the treetops of the Storza Woods.The skywalk extends from a bluff in the Garden into the branches of oaks, hickories and poplars. And not just any meat, but Brazilan steakhouse meats. These date ideas in Atlanta should totally get you started.Even if you hate the little twerps, chances are, she doesn’t.