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Using a monothetic and a polythetic classification system, findings showed rates ranging between 1.7% and 25.5%, with a 2.7% addiction rate when distinguishing core from peripheral criteria.

Tours of the history galleries and the Williams Residence are at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 3 p.m., Groups of eight or more require a reservation.

Kemper Williams and his wife Leila, the Historic New Orleans Collection (HNOC) has a mission of preserving the French Quarter and New Orleans history.

The Merieult House today still preserves the style of the 1830s renovation.

A Grand Greek revival room used for meetings, seminars, receptions, and exhibitions began life as colonial warehouse.

In 1792, Jean Franois Merieult, a prosperous merchant and trader, purchased the property on Royal Street and began construction on the building that would survive the fire of 1794.

A 20th-century renovation revealed that material from a previous warehouse had been incorporated into Merieults building.Today small hideaways in the rooms columns reveal small French bricks and ventilator grills dating from the early colonial warehouse, ask to see it!

The findings will be of assistance to educators, policymakers, clinicians, and researchers in understanding the challenges in deriving meaningful video game addiction prevalence rates, and thus being able to better separate reality from conjecture with regard to the notion of pathological game play.► Different criteria and cut-offs resulted in addiction prevalence rates ranging from 1.7% to 25.5%.Across the courtyard from the Counting House, the three-story Maisonette features wooden galleries and railings.This service wing, situated on Merieults original purchase, was constructed over an earlier structure that was built at the same time as the Merieult House in the 1790s.One of the main attractions of the Historic New Orleans Collection, is named for Kemper and Leila Williams and 1940s and 50s decor remain as when they lived there. Built in 1889, almost 100 years after the Merieult House, the residence is an Italianate, two-story brick house with galleries.The history of the property dates to Jean Franois Merieult, but it was Jean Baptiste Trapolin who built his house at the rear of the lot and purchased contiguous land fronting on Toulouse Street.A questionnaire was administered to 1332 South Korean students across 11 high schools and 1 middle school in an area surrounding the capital of Seoul.