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In an interview she gave to Asian newspaper Mrs Luckson said: With God's grace and my hard work, I am happy that I was able to achieve what I set out for.

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He denied wrong doing, but was banned from contacting his wife for a year and has since moved out of the family home.

The couple, originally from Kerala, India, wed under an arranged marriage in 2004 after arriving in the UK three years earlier.

Dr Manju Luckson, 38, from Sale in Greater Manchester, claimed Luckson Francis-Augustine would arrange meetings with escorts online and then berate and assault her when she confronted him about it.

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Mr Francis-Augustine, who stood as an independent candidate in last year's general election, was due to stand trial accused of 'controlling or coercive' behaviour against his wife between 20, at Manchester Magistrates' Court.

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''He continued to say: ''You need a big slap to your face.'I am the man and I have the right to go and if a woman wants to sleep with me because I have a big c*** who are you to question that.You need a big slap to your face.'The senior nurse also claimed she was 'forced' to take out loans to buy her husband a Land Rover and help set up his business.The officer returned to their address later that day to collect a statement and the complainant provided a 14-page statement.'The statement makes reference to the defendant forcing her to take out loans to start his own business and to buy a Land Rover and she felt she had no alternative but to take these out in her own name on his behalf and she was afraid of the consequences if she didn't.'The complainant was clearly in a distressed state when police arrived and some time later when she attended Altrincham Police Station.'In a statement read to the court, PC Philip Drummond said: 'On the 4th of November 2017 I attended an address in Sale where there had been an allegation of assault that needed further investigation.'I spoke to the complainant and she was visibly upset and confirmed that she was happy to support a prosecution.She told me that she was very scared and because she had told police that he would hurt her.She has also served as the Observational Clinical Examiner of Liverpool University.