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John F Kennedy had a huge menagerie of pets, from a rabbit called Zsa Zsa to a pony called Macaroni. The Kennedys owned a large number of dogs, as can be seen in this family portrait.

King John of Poland was an avid collector, by all accounts.

In fact, so popular did Irish wolfhounds become as a status symbol during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that their export from Ireland was banned by Declaration in 1652 for fear of their extinction from their country of origin.

The scallop shell was the badge of the pilgrim, and can be seen on the dog’s collar.

There are records of Salukis in carvings from the Sumerian Empire dating back as far as 7000-6000 BC.

Unfortunately he managed to shoot his favourite dog, Lee, on one hunting expedition, when he was riding at full tilt after a buffalo and attempting to shoot it at the same time.

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I've only had a few cartoons in The New Yorker, but this one was turned into a mini animation, which I really like.

His first was Kasbec, the second was Kabul and his last one was Sauterelle. Picasso with Kasbec, photographed by Man Ray in 1935 Picasso with Kabul, photographed by David Douglas Duncan, 1959 Lucien Freud The great artist Lucien Freud, who died recently, was a whippet owner.If you don't have a local bookstore, well, that's a sad thing, so here are some links where these may be purchased online:, written by the renowned children's book author, Ken Baker. But not too tuned, since it'll be late 2017 before I can post illustrations. Creating the Java Stout label for Bell's Beer in Kalamazoo was the perfect storm of those three things.Hell Hath No Fury was also a blast, and there are more beers in that series coming soon...magazine panels, plus a large pawful of Bark Box illustrations.Smartly edited by Christy Ottaviano and beautifully designed by April Ward, the book also contains personal stories, fun facts, and a few famous pups. series is a chapter book trilogy about a couple of bird buddies who get themselves into, um, "situations."This School Library Journal review sums it up nicely: "This first chapter book series from Coverly, an internationally syndicated cartoonist whose “Speed Bump” cartoons appear in more than 400 newspapers, and the winner of the prestigious Reuben Award for Best Cartoonist, focuses on the travails of a bird named Speed Bump.It was also a royal dog during the Egyptian civilisation, when Pharaohs would have their favourite dogs mummified.