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We haven't ironed out all the details whether they'll outright buy it or just do a consignment/rental thing where we split the fee as it's used.

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The only downfall though is that now for 2018 we only have one color option to choose from so if you don’t like that shade of red then you’re up a creek without a paddle. 2018 CB300F vs CBR300R – What’s the Difference between them?

Let’s start things off with a quick breakdown of what the CB300F is in comparison to the CBR300R. You would think that the CBR version of the 300cc bike would be the faster of the two models as in the past Honda has de-tuned the CB model variants when compared to their long-lost siblings.

I took it out the next week for a sporting clays shoot.

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And conversely, I'll admit it's also really neat to go back and see a complete powdering of a target when I did everything right!

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They share the same rake, wheelbase, seat height, fuel tank capacity and the list goes on.Since there has been a recent post I'll give an update on my Shot Kam: After having shot several sessions with the Shot Kam throughout the summer and so far this fall I believe it to be a valuable training aid and I'm glad I bought it.I've improved my break average a great deal and owe that to being able to go back and see, over and over if necessary, what I did to cause a miss.Let’s start off with the most common question when a new model year motorcycle is released and that is “Did they change anything? When comparing the 2018 CB300F VS 2017 CB300F changes, there are none except for colors.Last year we had Red and Matte Silver but this year for the 2018 CB300F we have Chromosphere Red which is the first time that color has been offered on the CB300F since it was originally introduced to the model lineup.I'm now working with the folks at my Clay range so they can make it available as a training aid for others.