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9 year old reveals dating secrets

The rift with Dave is repaired only after Dave confesses to spiking Ben's drink the night of the murder. She confesses to her family that it was an accident, a failed plan to hide Tom for a short while to make it appear he was missing, to induce Scott to come home and prevent her father leaving Christy for Jess.

He finished his career with the Chicago Bears in 2014.

He has two children, loves his mom and enjoys staying fit and hanging out on boats with his friends.

"I will set it up, somehow against a rock or just sitting in the sand, I’ll run away, do the yoga pose or whatever it is then I’ll run back and check it.” Sjana added: “First things first, you always need to clean the camera on your phone - there’s nothing worse when it goes somewhat foggy because you haven’t done that.” Sjana then demonstrated the process, adding: “I’m going to use a rock as a stand and I will run over there and do a pretty pose and I will show you guys the result.

“I have a couple of outfits and I’ll do some yoga poses too.

They learn that Tom was in fact Ben's son, the result of a one-night affair, only revealed to him after DNA tests by police.

Each webisode was released online after the television episode aired and gives additional clues told from the perspective of Detective Cornell.Ben Crawford finds five-year-old Tom Murphy's body in some woods near his neighborhood.

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It’s pretty much just a camera and it’s got options on here to use a five, 10, 15 or 30 second timer,' she explained. I put it on 15 or 30 seconds depending on the shot I want to take.The series follows Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) as she investigates homicide cases.In the first season, Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) becomes the prime suspect in the death of a young boy who lived in his neighborhood.In the second season, Cornell investigates Eric Warner (Michael Ealy), a newly married heir to his family's private equity firm, when his wife Kate is murdered.The series was renewed for a second season on May 7, 2015, Ben Crawford is a self-employed contractor, married to Christy with whom he has two daughters, Natalie, 16, and Abby, 12.He is manipulated by a reporter, Arthur, who is looking to take down Cornell, and kidnapped by a neighbor, Kevin, a former CIA operative, who attempts to extract a confession through torture. Independently of each other, Cornell and Ben discover the awful truth that Tom was killed by Abby.