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Validating model chronic illness family caregiving

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Most of these chapters are divided into two sections.

The first discusses the caregiving role and includes a thorough review of the literature on the characteristics of caregivers and care recipients, including related care needs, issues, and challenges unique to the chronic illness discussed in the chapter.

This all sounded perfectly reasonable and quite wonderful. My husband and I were in awe (you can read his story here).

It was completely instinctual to want to be skin to skin with a newborn baby – our midwives had my husband remove his t-shirt to hold our son, and he fell quickly and deeply in love. We had weighed the pros and cons of co-sleeping, and were confident that we would not suffocate him.

As a holistic health practitioner, I knew I wanted to go the natural route in terms of birth, but that was the extent of my plan.

Despite this, I was happy to get out of the house, and the AP-encouraged baby wearing made these outings possible.As time passed, however, my baby kept growing and growing.

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Not surprisingly, attachment parenting (AP) was the clear winner among the conscious-minded, crunchy-leaning parents and experts.The second section reviews the available published literature on caregiver interventions.Due to the paucity of available literature in some areas of chronic illness, a few of the chapters could only approximate this format.Except where otherwise stated, drug dosages and recommendations are for the non-pregnant adult who is not breastfeeding.Access to the complete content on Oxford Clinical Psychology requires a subscription or purchase.Readers must therefore always check the product information and clinical procedures with the most up to date published product information and data sheets provided by the manufacturers and the most recent codes of conduct and safety regulations.