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I know much of this is taught in schools (probably a much better education than we had at school), but look at any UK statistics in this area and the picture is one of rising STI’s, especially among women under the age of 20, and ever rising numbers of unwanted pregnancies.

All have told me they have had a conversation with P “just to make sure everything is OK on that front”.

It is interesting that they all tell me after the event. I’m not knocking it – I am sure the desire to help with this aspect of my parenting comes from a good place…what was it @coffeecurls told me over twitter one evening when we were discussing periods…(we just were OK) ”there are things about periods that as a man you won’t even know! It serves me now as a reminder that there really are things I simply couldn’t comment on with any degree of confidence. Come to think of it – thank you ladies one and all. Like most men, I guess I do know next to nothing about menstruation.

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You will provide credit card and personal information only to CCBill's secure site.It’s an interesting question – and one answer might be, if we are honest, for the majority of us (and I know I can speak for many Dads) this whole area of sex education just feels a bit uncomfortable. ” Once I picked myself up from the floor and finished choking, I simply asked in an effort to divert the direct questioning, “who told you that”? Quickly putting all thoughts of Miss N’s “button” to one side, I replied, rather sheepishly, that I am sure Miss N was right.I have been thinking about writing on this subject for some time, and it strikes me that there are four levels of sex education that could really be taught best at home as well as in school: 1 – the basics – the actual mechanics.That said, I thought I actually knew loads about periods – they come once a month, they hurt, you need hot water bottles and tea, you can use tampons or towels (best to experiment to see what works for you), they alter hormone levels and you can become tearful and maybe even a bit shouty, and they also have something to do with the moon or tides. What really strikes me though is that this small platoon of women, while seemingly falling over themselves to talk about menstruation, are not pushing themselves forward to talk to my daughter(s)about sex.Do they really think that this is a subject best taught by their Dad or school or mates or that marvellous life lesson of trial and error? In our house the subject of sex education was first raised when P came home from Primary School (year 6) and asked me outright: Dad, is it true that girls have a button and that if you stroke it, it makes you feel nice?Couple that with the fact that I have already admitted that sex is not really something I want to talk to my girls about anyway, and my inarticulate ramblings would become well, just that. And the thing is…all of this I have just written – well I think most Dads and maybe some Mums will be able to relate to at least some of it…but for me, I have this feeling that it just might not be good enough.