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Exrated dating site

I'm all for doing finding out a little bit about a guy before you go on a date with him and most of my single gal pals are, too.

It provides complete flexibility to the administrator.

Alerts inform the administrator when specific events have occurred, such as a malware infection.

Every time we hang out, I corner him and get him to tell me about his adventures. Never." Interestingly, he's pretty Google-able himself; he used to be in a moderately successful band.

And on several dates, women have asked him about his band history based on their pre-date research.

I would put a word maximum and minimum on messages, but some women wouldn’t.

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Wonder what sort of "research" this cutie is conducting?

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Like, OK, have some people who know you sign up and say what you’re like. Basically, if a dating site could help women to wade through the assholes, that’d be awesome. Are you going to expect me to send nudes and get pissed if I don’t? Are you going to get weird if I say I’m not romantically interested in getting to know you?How would you even conceptualize a dating model created by women? I mean, personally, I’d have the option to filter out first messages that were either one word (“hi”), dick pics, pickup lines, requests for sex, personal essays, or that contained the words “sweetie,” “sweetheart,” and “baby.” I’d present some kind of “let’s be friends first! I’d require clarity about who wants to pay for what on the first date (I had a hard-and-fast split rule).I’d implement the e Harmony model of filling out a rigorous set of questions as a part of registration as a sort of chilling effect for people who aren’t serious about it rather than doing the OKCupid questions-as-game model.Though most of us said we wouldn't air our dirty laundry in such a forum, now I'm super curious: how (if at all!) do you research your dates before going out with them?He doesn't seem to mind but says that he'd rather get to know women in person than do research on them.