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Russian dating marriage traditions

A boy in love may simply ask a girl to marry him, then tell his parents.

The table is spread with rich and beautifully arranged food.

The host, or an older man with authority and eloquence, raises a glass of wine and begins to lead the table in certain standard toasts, as well as some of his own invention.

This is often accompanied, even today, by a service in church with an exchange of rings.

At the threshold of the groom's house, the groom's mother gives him a plate to break under his foot (in another variant of this practice, the bride and groom compete to be the first to crush the plate; this is believed to be indicative of who will have the upper hand during their married life).

My culture and traditions taught me how to care about man! Must be English speaking and must be a doggie lover.

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A divorced woman's family is supportive, but it is hard for her to remarry.On the wedding day, the groom and his best man drink a glass of wine in the bride's house, then drive off with the bride and her bridesmaid for the civil ceremony.

The oldest woman manages the house's money and food, apportions work among other women, and has the largest hand in arranging her children's jobs and marriages.More often, a young man's female relatives arrange for him to meet potential brides on various pretexts, then open formal negotiations.If the bride and her family consent, the groom or one of his relatives brings a gold watch or ring as a sign of betrothal.In some areas the bride and groom are expected to sit with lowered eyes and eat little.In villages, the morning after the wedding the bride is asked to sweep the courtyard and fetch water from the spring, where other women come to greet her. Marriages are initiated by the groom's side, but require the eventual consent of both young people and both families.