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Now I for one was not always like that, but some deep seated need was definitely released, starting the day I first pulled a pair of panties up over my adolescent cock.

Our panties are so wet with precum, they look like we've already creamed.

Allow us to touch our little sissy sticks, and there will definitely be a mess to clean up -- one we, of course, so love to tend to.

But that night, caught in panties, stockings and heels, made up like only a sissy slut would be . Needless to say, I was not allowed in our bed that night. I just pulled my babydolls down, as if they'd offer much cover or warmth, and curled up into a submissive little ball of sissified satin and lace.

Sami refused to let me change clothes, and commanded that I sleep on the floor, at the foot of the bed, "as was fitting for such a cum sucking sissy fag . It is about my complete and willful submission that I want to write today.

I mean, what could be more true about a fucking little sissy bitch (like me) than the way our little clitties are always leaking.

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R rahi the main nay apni fnigre (ungli) us kay main place per ragernay laga or us ko bhe maza anay laga main nay us ko bhoot garram keya or phir wo bhe mujhay kis kernay lagi main nay pagloon ki tarhan us kay grayban ka button khola or apna moon us kay breast per rakh ker suck kernay laga or wo moon say ajeeb see awaaz nikalnay lagi phir main nay us ki kamer (west) per apnay hont rakh deyeh ahesta say kyoun kay sex aik galay per aik kamer ki back side or seenay kay neachy zabaan phairnay say he charhta hay well main nay us ko kaha yahan koe dekh layga chaloo dosray room main chaltay hain kehnay lagi nani na uth jaein main nay kaha aik kam karoo takyeh lita ker chader dal do donon nay yehi keye phir main us ko gode main utha ker bed per laygaya us bed per jis per hamaray mamoo’s apni b v yoon say maza laychukay hain well ab main nay us ko lit ker bed per us kay oper lait gaya or us kay hont main hont deyeh rakah or sath sath us kay breat ko sehlata raha or fingre bhe kerta raha or wo meri bahoon main machal rahi the actully main us ko bharpore!Maza dayna chhata tha ab to wo pagel ho gae us nay mera pakker ker dabana shuroo keya mujhay maza anay laga phir main nay kaha seedhi lait jaoo wo lait gae phir main nay us ki legs (tangain) uthaein or halkay say dala us ki awaaz nikli dard ho raha hay main nay kaha hoga mager maza aeyga us nay kaha pls aahista karoo main ahsita aahista us per pora dabaoo barhana shuroo keya or mera pora lund us ki choot main chala gaya ab us ko bhe maza anay laga or wo thora zoor laganay lagi phir mujhay feel howa wo released ho gae hay kyoun kay mera lund gela ho chuka tha mager main abhe laga howa tha khoob jhatkay maray jab mera time anay laga to main ruk gaya or phir us ko kis kernay laga us ki breast say musalsal main khail raha tha us ki nippls aisay kharee how then kay kia bataoon or us kay breast bilkul pink thay well main phir shuro howa aik dafa wo phir released hoee us kay thori deer bad main bhe hogaya or jab main nay time dekah to 4 bajnay walay thay.

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But I do believe that nobody better captures what it's like to be a truly submissive, completely feminized, limp wristed, cocksucking, cum guzzling little sissy: Oh, to have a strong Mistress with a stable of pretty little sissies, just like us. you know you'd love it, and you know you wouldn't be able to keep from squirting. And as much as Prissy knows our training needs, she also understands that, in the end, we're just pretty little cocksucking faggots. And we all know that purpose is to please, not only our Mistress, but also real men. We've lost all claim to masculinity, and with that went our right to resist. To be tied up and "forced" to bend over while a gorgeous gurl fucks your tight little sissy pussy . That feel of smooth stockings brushing against your own, the scent of perfume, her hands clenching your breasts, her cock filling your sissy cunt -- oh yeah, you're just like me. If a man wants his cock sucked, it's our duty to take care of him. From the moment Sami walked into our room, my life was changed forever.I had never been really "manly," in our relationship, but I had not been completely submissive either. after cumming on her lap and eagerly licking up the mess, I couldn't even look at Sami.I certainly cannot speak for all sissies, but I do know that many of you share my need to be dominated, even humiliated.